Här hittar du ett helt fotogalleri från alla de olika tillställningar och möten som vi i Svensk-zambiska föreningen ordnar tillsammans.

Vi ses för att uppmärksamma Zambia, eller för att helt enkelt träffas och umgås med varandra i föreningen.


Annual General Meeting at Etnografiska March  24

Årsmötet   Årsmötet   Årsmötet   Årsmötet

Årsmötet   Årsmötet

Mingel   Mingel   Mingel   Mingel

Mingel   Middagen   Middagen   Middagen



After work with Save the children – May

rädda_barnen_1 Rädda_barnen rädda_barnen_etiopisk mat rädda_barnen3

After work – April

John and Judith midwife students Eating and talking afterwork_april Afterwork_april

Annual General Meeting at Villa Brevik kursgård – March

mingel AGM 2011 mingel AGM 2011 mingel AGM 2011 Sydafrikanska föreningen presenterar kvällen årsmöte 2011 årsmötet 2011

Zambiska ambassaden AGM_8 prisutdelning AGM 2011 maten AGM 2011 AGM_brevik kursgård


Independence Day – October

independence 2010 Ambasadören Ylva och Jonathan äter Nshima independence 2010 magnus´s speech independence 2011

Board meeting at Sonnegård -September

styrelsemöte buffén at sunnegårds skål H. E. Ambassador Anne Luzongo Mtamboh & Åsa Hanna

at sunnegårds

Annual General Meeting -March

AGM 2010 AGM 2010 Paul and Rolf AGM_2010


Independence Day – October 2009


Exchange visit to Sweden from Zambia – October 2009


Fundraising party in Gothenburg – October 2009


After work with our Zambian guests – October 2009


Fundraising party in Stockholm – October 2009

Greta and Anna talking Step by step Dancing at the party

Exchange visit to Zambia from Sweden – June 2009


Annual General Meeting – March 2009

The Annual General Meeting of 2009 gathered about 20 members Lisa Persson, cashier of SweZam, and Rolf Svanström, chairperson of SweZam Ylva Werlinder and Maria Thorell Amsenius, two members who visited the Mindolo project together during 2008 Concentration at the AGM - just before the party is about to begin Mr Svanström and mr Sonnegård discussing at the AGM The ambassador of Zambia - Mrs Joyce Musenge and her husband Owen Mwiinga and his daughter Elsa Ambassador Mrs Joyce Musenge with husband, Margareta and Karl-Johan Sonnegård and Rolf and Marianne Svanström. Lennart Simonsson with the ambassador Mrs Joyce Musenge, Mrs Matsson and the husband of the ambassador The audience were really looking forward to watching the exclusive film The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency was showed exclusively for the guests of the AGM


Afterworks during 2008

The Ambassador Mrs Joyce Musenge with some of the attendants Lively discussions at the SweZam afterwork in November 2008 In April we received visiting midwife students Esther Mbewe and Lucy Mkandawire from Zambia and their teacher Miriam Muyuya. The ladies, affiliated to UTH training clinic in Lusaka, were here on a short exchange program with the Karolinska Institute. They gave valuable testimonies of everyday work as a midwife in Zambia today. Anna Tyllström shared her experiences from her time at Mindolo and the YRIC project


Annual General Meeting – March 2007

AGM in progress - Göran, Lennart, Rolf AGM in progress - troubled participants? AGM - Göran is resigning AGM - Göran is resigning AGM - more participants AGM - Göran delivering a speach Friends - Margareta Sonnegård and the ambassador The party is on - Greta with friendsThe party continues The party continues The party continues The party continues Serious bartenders New members? A good friend


Independence Day – October 2006

Anita and Johan listening Listeners at the residence The ambassador Joyce Musenga A toast for Zambia Important news? Greta and Joyce - dear friends Cutting the cake The cake the exceptional dinner table Enjoying the party They too Greta and Regina


Independence Day – October 2005

The ambassador delivering a speach Ambassador and Swezam board members The dance has begun Charming couple Chic women - Joyce and Kate Young women The dance continues