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onsdag, mars 28th, 2012

Nu kan du läsa vårt senaste nyhetsbrev!

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Trevlig läsning!

The Swezam Newsletter Summer 2011

måndag, juni 27th, 2011

We wish you a pleasant summer and hope you enjoy the reading.

/the SweZam board

Newsletter Summer 2011 (pdf)

The SweZam Newsletter 2010/2011

onsdag, januari 19th, 2011

Är du nyfiken på vilka förändringar som har skett i SweZams styrelse? Läs nyhetsbrevet!

Newsletter_Winter2010_2011 (pdf)

The SweZam Newsletter Winter 2010

måndag, mars 15th, 2010

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Dear members,

It has been a long, long winter, but it seems as though spring is arriving! Today, the sun was shining at me for the first time in a very long time.

This autumn and winter has also been very full of activities within the Swedish-Zambian Association. As a second part of our Exchange project between Sweden-Zambia, we recieved three visitors from Zambia, during two weeks in October. Many of you hopefully had the time to meet with them on one or two of the gatherings that we arranged!

The exchange project was focusing on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, PME. The purpose has been to try and find relevant methods to use for our Youth Rights Information Project in Mindolo/Kitwe/Zambia. The work is still continuing but the three fantastic visitors – Don, Linda and Bruce – has gone back home to Zambia. Altough, you will get to know more of them here, through this Winter edition of the SweZam Newsletter.

During the two weeks that we had our Zambian guest, we had a lot of activities and meetings happening. Therefor, most of this Newsletter actually contains articles and material produced by the members of our association, rather than articles from other media.

And as always, don’t forget to pay your membership fees! 100, 150 or 200 SEK depending on who you are. Read more on the back of this Newsletter!

This will be the last time I produce the SweZam Newsletter, since I will stop being a member of the board, but I will continue to be a proud member of SweZam, of course.

All the best!
Ylva Werlinder

Editor of the Newsletter

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The SweZam Newsletter June 2009

måndag, juli 20th, 2009

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter is out!

Dear members,
this Newsletter is, as always, a way for us in the board to give you – our dear members – more insight into what the SweZam Association is doing. The Newsletter is also to remind you all that we need your support throughout the year!

The Mindolo project needs your money

The Mindolo project is still on track… but we need to collect more money to the project, for it to last! Here in this Newsletter you have the opportunity to learn more and see how well the project is going. Please support it through donating a  small or big amount to Plusgiro 830595-5. Mark your payment with ”Mindolo”!

If you missed the AGM, you have a chance to catch up

If you could not attend the Annual General Meeting, you will also find all the relevant documents from that in this Newsletter.

I wish you all a very relaxing summer and even though it seems far away, just now, I hope to see you all at the Independence day of Zambia in October!

All the best!

Ylva Werlinder
Editor of the SweZam Newsletter

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The SweZam Newsletter September 2008

söndag, september 21st, 2008

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter!

Dear members,
With a summer full of Zambian adventures…

… I definately realize that it is much easier to handle the cold autumn here in Sweden. I had the great honour of visiting Zambia and the SweZam youth project together with some friends this summer. It was amazing to meet the young people and hear them talk about their experiences within the project. How they had changed perspective and also their parents!

We have a great youth organizer

Our youth organizer Bruce, turned out to be a real rock in the project, and to see the whole place for real – Mindolo – was amazing! I share some photos from my visit in this Newsletter.

Small money in Sweden is big money in Zambia 

One thing the trip really made me realize is how small amounts of money here in Sweden, can create a huge difference in someone elses life, in Zambia. Right now we are lacking about 12000 SEK in the fund raising for Mindolo, this is to reach our goal this year. If you would like to contribute to the SweZam youth project in Mindolo, you use pg 830595-5. Just write “Mindolo”!

Have you forgotten to pay your membership fee?

Now is almost the last chance for 2008 – if you want to continue in the SweZam family! Just pay to our account (you should almost know it by heart by now), pg 830595-5. 100 SEK as a student, 150 SEK as an individual and 200 SEK as a family. We are dependent on our SweZam members and we hope to have you with us for a long time to come, so pay now, if you haven’t already!

The printed Newsletter will hopefully be history soon

 The printed Newsletter is something we will try to reduce in the future, so if you feel you don’t need it on paper (since it’s already published on the webpage as a pdf) you are from now on welcome to email us, and instead we can donate 30 SEK of your membership fee to the Mindolo project! How great!

Many things are happening in SweZam and in Zambia

As you can read in this Newsletter, there are a lot of things happening within SweZam and in Zambia – both good and bad things. The SweZam afterwork sessions in Stockholm continues and the youth project in Mindolo recruits more new members, but sadly enough the Zambian president died in August, which is causing a by-election in Zambia in October.

 All of this is interesting to follow and to read more about. And you can start here in the Newsletter and continue on

 Have a good autumn!

Ylva Werlinder, Editor of the SweZam Newsletter

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The SweZam Newsletter February 2008

torsdag, februari 28th, 2008

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter!

Dear Members,
Welcome to the winter edition of the SweZam Newsletter! Here you can read a lot of different information, thoughts, facts, news about the beautiful country of Zambia. For this Newsletter we have managed to gather quite a number of texts from people within the Association and we really hope to get more of this sorts further on. What would you like to tell our members about your relationship to Zambia? Please write to us, we will gladly post it also on our website www.

A lot of our members haven’t paid the membership fees, so please do. Go to the last page to read more.
Have a great 2008!

Ylva Werlinder, Editor of the Newsletter 

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The SweZam Newsletter June 2007

tisdag, juni 19th, 2007

Dear Members,

Now is the time of year when you just want to run around in shorts and laugh because Sweden is beautiful! The lilacs outside my office window is in full bloom and I want to go out and take a branch to smell! I hope you all have had the opportunity to do the same when this Newsletter reaches you!

New design and structure of the Newsletter

Welcome to a kind of new Newsletter where we have done a little reshape of the structure, and we hope to continue this development together with all you members, both when it comes to shape and content! What would you like to read about and what would you like to write about in here? We want to use this as a communication tool with you!

Ylva is the new editor of the Newsletter

My name is Ylva Werlinder and I am one of the new people in the SweZam board, together with three other people that you can read a little about on the next page. In this issue of the Newsletter we focus a lot on the Annual General Meeting, AGM, but until the next Newsletter is out, in December, I hope to have received a lot of interesting comments from you on this issue!

Pay your membership fees

PS. And the Chairman told me to remind you to pay your membership fees… – go to last page to find out how!

All the best until next time,
Ylva Werlinder, Editor of the Newsletter

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The SweZam Newsletter December 2006

söndag, december 24th, 2006

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter is out!

Dear Members,
Advent has come and there seems to be a mild Christmas in coming. Most of us are busy just now planning all the surprise parcels that we find necessary to purchase for the X-mas festival.

Since we made an appeal for donations for the Mindolo project 2004 we have today received 49.671 SEK! And the project goes on. Read in this issue our chairmans impressions from his recent visit to Zambia. Time has come for me to say goodbye. My first Newsletter was number 52 of July 1997 and then it has all continued up to now. I thank sincerely my readers and contributors. After 42 years in Stockholm I have decided to move to Skaraborg. Since I am born “västgöte” you can say that I am going back to the land. The old charming town of Hjo at the western shore of Lake Vättern is my new hometown. Come and visit me there at “Bokantikvariat Wettern”, Hamngatan 2 and we will have a nice chat about Zambia.

Have a nice Christmas!

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The SweZam Newsletter May 2006

torsdag, juni 1st, 2006

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter is out!

Dear Members,

Served warm Coca Cola by the Chief

Chief Mpezeni is the paramount chief of the Ngoni tribe of Eastern Province. This years Nc´wala ceremony was held at the end of February. I had myself once the pleasure to meet the chief in his palace and was served the usual warm coca cola. He had applied for a large credit for seed and fertilizers and since he was a member of a ooperative society outside Chipata he had the right to do so. Only problem was that his land area was far above the limit.

Mrs Joyce Musenge has returned

Anyhow, after amicable talks, things were sorted out and he became  supportive of the Cooperative Credit Scheme. In the November issue of Newsletter I regretted the departure of Mrs Joyce Musenge at the Embassy – her quick return to Sweden, now  as Ambassador, has therefore come as a pleasant surprise!

A new chair person has arrived

Welcome also to Rolf Svanström who is the new chairman of the Association and to Lisa Persson, Karl-Johan Sonnegård and Joyce Phiri as well. Last but not least, thanks to Tell-Åke Dahllöf for ten years of devoted service! We plan to publish our new website in the middle of June with the same address as the old one. Welcome to have a look and submit your comments to my email address.
Have a nice summer!

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