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A new textbook in Chinyanja

söndag, juni 21st, 2015

Elena L. Tesáková talks about her new book ”Nyanja for the Muzungu” on P4 Göteborg, the local public service radiostation. The interview is held in Swedish.

The book will soon be available as a prospect through the author.

This book is the first comprehensive beginners guide, that is intended for foreign learners, into the language which is spoken by approximately 9 million people in, for example, Zambia.nyanja fo the muzungu

Zambian Waithood

torsdag, mars 19th, 2015

Welcome to an exhibition by Smip12 from Rosendalsgymnasiet with photos and art from their field study in Zambia.

ZambianWaithoodGrand opening 4 May | 17:00-20:00  | Fredens hus, Drottning Kristinas väg 1a, Uppsala

Waithood, ”waiting for adulthood”, is a term that has become more relevant in low and middle income countries this past century. The stage in life where a prolonged adolescence sets individuals back from being socially accepted as an adult and the responsibilities and commitments adulthood may include, is often a issue for youth in young democracies, as well as economically vulnerable societies, such as in Zambia.

The exhibition, ”Zambian Waithood”, is based on Zambian individuals and their connection to Waithood in ways of goals, obstacles and general thoughts on the future that lies ahead of them.

UN to receive report on Hammarskjöld crash

måndag, mars 10th, 2014

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has advised the UN General Assembly it will receive a report on the 1961 death of former Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld and 15 others. > Read more UN (external link)

Sweden to focus on health, entrepreneurs and human rights awareness in Zambia

lördag, augusti 17th, 2013

Sweden aims to  focus on increasing poor people’s opportunities to support themselves, and on improving the basic health of women and children in Zambia. Goals for the Swedish development cooperation with Zambia are outlined in the government’s so-called Results strategy for 2013-2017. >Read more on the Swedish government’s web site (external link)

Newsletter from Mindolo Youth Project

lördag, augusti 17th, 2013

Narrative report for the fourth quarter 2012, covering activities which the SWEZAM Mindolo  project undertook from October to December 2012.

The project reached  818 people during the period. Read more(pdf)>>>

In memory of Rolf

lördag, september 1st, 2012

My family and I want to thank all concerned for the kind condolences regarding my husband Rolf Svanström´s sudden death. He was the chairman of the Swedish-Zambian association for many years and passed away in July in the midst of his assignments for the association. We wish to express our deepest felt thankfulness for all the kind letters, mails and cards as well as the beautiful flowers for his funeral. He had a high esteem of Zambia and especially enjoyed working with the Mindolo Youth Project for Human Rights in the Copperbelt together with the board of the Swedish – Zambian association.
Uppsala 23rd August 2012 Marianne Svanström.

Words of remembrance

lördag, augusti 18th, 2012

Mr Rolf Svanstrom (paps)

You were not just my Boss you became like a father and a grandpa to me. Working with you for 5 years as a The Swedish-Zambian Association Board Chairperson was; challenging, a learning experience, fun and rewarding. Challenging in that you always pushed me to work hard, report on time and think outside the box and when am wrong you rebuked me thus, kept learning! fun and rewarding because of your passion to the Project you exposed me to traveling within Zambia and outside!

So this year I was expecting your visit to Zambia for Monitoring like it’s always been for the past 5 years! You were concerned of my personal life and wanted to know when I will marry so you come and attend the wedding! Space fails me but your death is tragic to me, MEF, and the entire SWEZAM family in Zambia and Sweden! I wish I could attend your burial!

M.Y.S.R.I.P Sir!

/ Bruce Mubanga, youth coordinator at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation

Newsletter from Mindolo Youth Project

torsdag, juni 14th, 2012

Narrative report for the first quarter 2012. The report covers the activities which the SWEZAM Mindolo  project undertook from January to March, 2012.

Some of the highlights of this quarter were SWEZAM School Club Leaders and Clubfacilitators/Coordinators
Planning Meeting (Joint Meetings). Read more (pdf-file) >> >>

HiNation with rugged products for portable energy in Zambia

måndag, juni 11th, 2012

HiNation Newsletter – May 2012: Back from Zambia, and HiLight in social media.

We recently came back from our Zambia visit, with great memories from the people and organizations providing new angles on how HiLight can be made accessible. While our minds are filled with ideas, our bags came back empty; almost all HiLights were sold, and we are happy to now have a small local stock available in Lusaka.


Zambia wins Africa Cup of Nations

måndag, februari 13th, 2012

The ghost has finally been exorcised and destiny has simply obeyed – the Africa Cup of Nations trophy has landed at third attempt.

And what a way to do it! After 120 minutes of an energy-sapping encounter against top-ranked Ivory Coast, Zambia defied the odds and went on to win the Africa Cup final on penalties to ignite a movie-like atmosphere at L’Amitie Stadium.  Read more (external link) »