Words of remembrance

Mr Rolf Svanstrom (paps)

You were not just my Boss you became like a father and a grandpa to me. Working with you for 5 years as a The Swedish-Zambian Association Board Chairperson was; challenging, a learning experience, fun and rewarding. Challenging in that you always pushed me to work hard, report on time and think outside the box and when am wrong you rebuked me thus, kept learning! fun and rewarding because of your passion to the Project you exposed me to traveling within Zambia and outside!

So this year I was expecting your visit to Zambia for Monitoring like it’s always been for the past 5 years! You were concerned of my personal life and wanted to know when I will marry so you come and attend the wedding! Space fails me but your death is tragic to me, MEF, and the entire SWEZAM family in Zambia and Sweden! I wish I could attend your burial!

M.Y.S.R.I.P Sir!

/ Bruce Mubanga, youth coordinator at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation

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