Lisa Kafwamka about her time in a YPD exchange in Sweden.

In a SWEZAM after work in june, we as members had the chans to meet two of our youths from Zambia while they were in Sweden trough YPD, and hear more about the work they were doing and what there impressions were.

 YPD or CUI (centrum för internationellt ungdomsutbyte) as it is called in Sweden works to get youths from different countrys to cooperate despite national and cultural boarders.

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Here you can read Lisa Kafwamkas contribution to our homepage from her time with YPD in Sweden.

-The programme was called ”youth partners in development” (YPD) and it was a very nice and wounderful programme, it really helped alot of people to break boarders in different cultures and also to learn about different cultures from three different parts of the world.


Having observed that HIV/AIDS is not a big problem in sweden my team and I decided to work with intergrating foreign students who found it very hard to get intergrated in the swedish society.

I was located in ostersund in the north of Sweden and I was doing my volutary work at a school, where the students were in the age range of 15-20 and came from different parts of the world e,g iraq, somalia, afghanstin, ethopia e.t.c and most of them came because of war.

So together with YPD in ostersund we came up with activities that helped them to get intergrated activities like bowling, swimming leasons, cooking swedish foods, swedish folk dance leasons. The students really liked working with us and they were very willing to corperate with us. It was really a big challenge and espeacially when the most of them would not speak english but all in all we made it.

Above all i finally got the chance to meet the swezam board in stockholm it was really a nice experience and it has really changed my life in many ways.

I really had a nice and educative time in sweden.

tack sa myket..
lisa zambia….

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