SweZam supporter Jan Ölander dies

Jan Ölander, former Swedish ambassador to Zambia and a long-term member of the Swedish-Zambian Association, has passed away at age 76.

A seasoned diplomat, Ölander served as ambassador to Zambia and Malawi 1984-1987.

He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1961 after completing law studies at Uppsala University and working as assistant legal clerk.

Ölander held posts at the Swedish embassies in London, Prague, Washington, Canberra and at the foreign ministry, and foreign policy advisor to the National Police Board. On his retirement he worked as an international advisor.

Ölander was also an artist. His work has been shown at galleries in Stockholm and locations where
he served as a diplomat. In recent years his work was also showcased at the World Festival of Naive Art in Verneuil sur Avre, France.

Describing his own art, he said he wished ”people to be happy when looking at my paintings, which are naïve in the proper sense of the word.”

Ölander donated some of his paintings to support fundraising for the SweZam Youth Rights Information Centre project at Mindolo.

As a tribute to Ölander’s memory and another sign of his long-lasting interest in Zambia, his family plans to
make a contribution to the charity SOS Children’s Villages Zambia.

The SweZam board wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to Mr Ölander’s family, including his wife Gun, their sons and grandchildren.

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