Some impressions from the Ellen/Allan groups

Discussing with the Ellen group leader

Åsa Knutsson and Rolf Svanström, discussing with the Ellen group leader

Ellen and Allan is a special kind of method developed by Save The Children Youths. The method is used in groups with youths to discuss sensitive issues, such as power, norms, gender, structures and roles and SweZam is of course very interested to learn more about this.

Tuesday Oct 6, 2009:
In the evening we met Lovisa Arelid, local project leader for Ellen in Uppsala, and some of the group leaders in Uppsala. The Ellen-method was described by Lovisa and then we worked, with Lovisa as the group leader, as a group (about 10 people present), trying some of the activities that they run with 14 year old girls in small group meetings at different schools in Uppsala.

The activities that we tried, and discussed, were some that are included in the first meeting of a new Ellen-group and some other examples:
–    repeating each others names and some personally characteristic aspect;
–    interviewing each other 2 x 2 and then telling the whole group about colours, candy, animals etc that we would be if being that kind of thing;
–    the ‘hot’ chair (move if you agree) on different statements that Lovisa read out loud, e.g. “Girls have better self confidence than boys”, “Clothes can give self confidence”.
–    ‘Four corners’ with different alternatives on an issue about a girl thinking that she is lesbian and in love with her best friend. What would you do if you were in her situation?

The evening ended with some ‘fika’ and more informal discussions about Ellen and the importance of working with young girls, improving their self confidence, gender awareness etc.

More information about Ellen and Allan, you will find on their webpage. Read more on Ellen/Allan (external link) »

Text: Lisa Persson

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