Let me introduce the second of our Zambian guests – Don Mwindilila

Don next to the Dag Hammarskjöld grave in Uppsala

Don next to the Dag Hammarskjöld grave in Uppsala

Don Mwindilila was one of the three guests visiting from our project in Zambia in October 2009.

Who are you, Don Mwindilila?

– I’ve been in the project as a youth member since 2005, I’m actually one of the first that was recruited. Now I’m a senior youth club member, working voluntary to help the newly started SweZam clubs to run smoothly. Actually, many of the senior members are still hanging around the project to help out.

Personal info?

– I’m studying at the university, so I’m combining my voluntary time in the SweZam project with my studies! I haven’t been staying with my brothers and sisters for a long time, but I have that experience from before, so that’s something I can easily relate to when chatting with other youths.

What is your story in the project?

– I remember the first workshop of them all, in 2005, when we were trained on what internet is all about, it was so fascinating! From there we had workshops at MEF in various things, for example public speaking and gender. But in 2006 we got a more clear focus on what the project was about, when we decided to focus on three thematic areas, i.e. Gender, Human Rights and HIV/Aids.

Then we became club members and we started to meet with a few schools to try and get them organised as well. In 2007 we became very active and started to meet with several schools, this is when Bruce came in as a youth organiser. Later when we started to recruit new members, they had a lot of questions and we as seniors have had a lot to do to help them! And here we are – in Sweden!

Impressions of Sweden, so far?

– When I just arrived, I looked at the streets and saw that there were special roads for bicycles, and that they were only allowed to travel in one direction! One-way streets for bikes! Very funny, I think, but also very serious! Maybe it’s good though, because in Zambia the bikes don’t have much space to move!

Text: Ylva Werlinder

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