Let me introduce our third Zambian guest – Bruce Mubanga

Bruce eating his first Swedish "varm korv" (hot dog)!

Bruce eating his first Swedish "varm korv" (hot dog)!

Who are you, Bruce Mubanga?

– I’ve been working in the project since 2007, employed as the SweZam youth organiser, and it has really been a learning experience. I have always been working with young people, even before I joined SweZam, and I think I’m born to work with young people!

Personal info?

– I’ve been brought up by a single mum. I am the first born amongst several brothers and sisters and I live together with my cousin and a friend, in Kalulushi – a small village a bit away from Mindolo.

What about you and the project?

– I have learnt a lot, especially about the thematic areas. When I started in this project I had very little knowledge of Human rights, Gender and HV/Aids etc. I worked before in a faith-based organisation, organising conferences, music performances etc.

I have also worked with peer educators, and as a peer educator myself, in another organisation. That organisation has clubs almost in all the schools in the Copperbelt region in Zambia, so having clubs like we do in the SweZam project is actually something quite common, but there is noone else focusing on the human rights, as we do. My biggest question right now is: What ways do we have to go to find other fundraising, so that we can make this project grow?

Impressions of Sweden, so far?

– It’s so quiet! I don’t hear any people talking, on the bus it’s quiet, on the streets it’s quiet. The people are also different compared to Zambia, so reserved! They are kind of minding their own business, very much a different way, compared to Zambia! But it’s also very beautiful here! Everything is beautiful!


  1. Bruce Mubanga
    Posted 20 april 2010 at 12:46 e m | Permalink

    Hahaah! Nice article about me and am loving the photo. thank you!

  2. Ylva Werlinder
    Posted 21 april 2010 at 12:20 f m | Permalink

    Nice to hear that you like the portrait I’ve written about you, Bruce!

    And I’m sure you do miss the Swedish hotdogs, don’t you? :-)

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