Let me introduce our Zambian guest – Linda Malukutu

Our Zambian guests arrived to Sweden Monday 5th of October! They are all from the Youth Rights Information Center in Mindolo, but related to the project in various ways. To all of you who haven’t met them, I’ll let them introduce themselves… We’re starting with Linda Malukutu!

Linda chatting with one of the girls at Nova Youth Center

Linda chatting with one of the girls at Nova Youth Center

Who are you, Linda Malukutu?

– I’m a librarian working in the American corner of MEF, Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation. MEF is where the SweZam Youth Rights Information Center (YRIC) is located, and from where the project is run. I’ve been in the YRIC-project since 2005, now involved through the project committee, which is kind of the board of the project, working to help it in the right direction.

Personal info?

– I’m married and have one and a half kid… (one is coming soon!)

What about this exchange trip?

– When it comes to the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PME), which this trip is about, I hope that my long background in the project can help out. I think that when the project started there was not really a specific focus, but it has really shifted since then.

We worked a lot with the UN calendar, with calendar events, like the UN international day, the Human Rights declaration day etc. Now instead the ownership of the project has shifted to the youths and they work in the three thematic areas more clearly – Human Rights, Gender and HIV/Aids.

What about your role in the project right now?

– When Anna Tyllström came from Sweden in 2006, and also when Bruce Mubanga took her place as a youth organiser in 2007, my involvement went to a slower version. I feel I have a technical and supportive function right now. I have more questions than answers, I think?

What are your hopes when it comes to PME?

–  I think we need to look at the resources in the project, and to focus more on some parts, it seems important! It feels like we have just been dong things here and there, and without any real clear marks. But until the beginning of next year I think we should have the evaluation part figured out!

Impressions of Sweden, so far?

– I normally use granulated sugar in my tea (In Swedish: strösocker) and here at the hostel they don’t have it, so I have to use 8 sugar cubes in my tea to get the right amount of sugar!!!

Text: Ylva Werlinder

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