Interesting sharing of experiences of working with evaluation – at the meeting with RFSU

Sharing of experiences between RFSU and SweZam.

Sharing of experiences between RFSU and SweZam.

RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) welcomed us on a Thursday afternoon. Sharing experiences of our projects – both of them focusing on gender issues.

Thursday 15th of October
Olle Wängborg and Eva Magnusson informed us about RFSU, the background of the association, that they belong to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF, which also the partner in Zambia, PPAZ does),  the projects they are running, and most of all the project that they had running in Zambia and other parts of southern Africa, Young Men as Equal Partners (YMEP).

They have carried out the YMEP in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia in a school setting. It started with a pilot period 2000-2003 and the final part of the project (which started in 2004) has now come to an end (for detailed information on the project, please visit the very detailed website

What does it mean being a man and a woman in Zambia? PPAZ made a baseline at the start to find out what beliefs there were. The youth were represented in the planning and monitoring process.  They have also carried out midterm and final term evaluation studies. The way they proceed with their studies seem very interesting and useful, which is why we have been sent digital copies of these studies.

RFSU has recently become a framework/umbrella organisation under Sida, which means  that they can make one application for all their projects and programs in 11 countries, starting from this year. Their hopes are to cooperate with PPAZ, YWCA and Youth Vision in Zambia.

We received a lot of printed material in English, which will come to good use in the Youth Centre. The team who went to RFSU think we can learn much from the RFSU studies, the methods and tools used.

Text: Karin Johansson, SweZam board

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