A visit to the Western part of Sweden – Gothenburg

During the two week visit to Sweden, our Zambian guests also had the opportunity to visit the Western part of Sweden and attend a fundraising event.

On Saturday Oct 10, chairman Rolf Svanström, together with the visitors from Zambia, Bruce Mubanga, Linda Malukutu and Don Mwindilila, and board member Owen Mwiinga, left Uppsala early in the morning, heading across Sweden for the west coast. The family Svanström has a summer house in Sundsandvik where the group stayed for a couple of nights. The programme included some sightseeing of the coastal area with the open sea being impressive.

In the evening of Oct 10, about 30 Zambian friends gathered at Änggårdskolonin, for dinner and sharing of information. Bruce presented the YRIC project and the other organisations presented their activities. Dan Allbäck briefly described the work of the Chiparamba Foundation (www.chiparamba.com) with youth in Southern Africa, including foot ball and other sports and cultural activities. Denny Salomonsson then illustrated how ZASP (Zambian Association for Sustainable Projects, www.zasp.org) for 20 years (celebrating this year!) have been involved in development cooperation in the Eastern Province in Zambia.

Also representatives of MaSwe (Malawi-Sweden Association) and Thandizo (about 20 Zambian families in the Gothenburg area) gave brief descriptions of their organsations and plans they have for future activities, both short term (Oct 24 celebrations coming soon) and more long term. We all learned a lot from from each other this evening!

On Sunday Oct 11, the programme included participation in the Sunday service (in Swedish) and a guided tour (in English) of the cathedral in Gothenburg.

For the visit to Gothenburg, we thank Fredrik Jernqvist and his family who had the main responsibility for planning and arranging activities.

Monday, Oct 12, came and as a detour on the way back to the east side of Sweden, the group headed for Vadstena and a visit to Vadstena Folkhögskola where Ingemar and Ingegerd Lindarängen were hosts. They had cooperation with Mindolo during many years and were glad to meet the guests from there.

Text: Lisa Persson, SweZam board

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