The SweZam Newsletter Winter 2010

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Dear members,

It has been a long, long winter, but it seems as though spring is arriving! Today, the sun was shining at me for the first time in a very long time.

This autumn and winter has also been very full of activities within the Swedish-Zambian Association. As a second part of our Exchange project between Sweden-Zambia, we recieved three visitors from Zambia, during two weeks in October. Many of you hopefully had the time to meet with them on one or two of the gatherings that we arranged!

The exchange project was focusing on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, PME. The purpose has been to try and find relevant methods to use for our Youth Rights Information Project in Mindolo/Kitwe/Zambia. The work is still continuing but the three fantastic visitors – Don, Linda and Bruce – has gone back home to Zambia. Altough, you will get to know more of them here, through this Winter edition of the SweZam Newsletter.

During the two weeks that we had our Zambian guest, we had a lot of activities and meetings happening. Therefor, most of this Newsletter actually contains articles and material produced by the members of our association, rather than articles from other media.

And as always, don’t forget to pay your membership fees! 100, 150 or 200 SEK depending on who you are. Read more on the back of this Newsletter!

This will be the last time I produce the SweZam Newsletter, since I will stop being a member of the board, but I will continue to be a proud member of SweZam, of course.

All the best!
Ylva Werlinder

Editor of the Newsletter

Download the SweZam Newsletter Winter 2010 (1,5mb pdf) »

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