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The SweZam Newsletter Winter 2010

måndag, mars 15th, 2010

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Dear members,

It has been a long, long winter, but it seems as though spring is arriving! Today, the sun was shining at me for the first time in a very long time.

This autumn and winter has also been very full of activities within the Swedish-Zambian Association. As a second part of our Exchange project between Sweden-Zambia, we recieved three visitors from Zambia, during two weeks in October. Many of you hopefully had the time to meet with them on one or two of the gatherings that we arranged!

The exchange project was focusing on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, PME. The purpose has been to try and find relevant methods to use for our Youth Rights Information Project in Mindolo/Kitwe/Zambia. The work is still continuing but the three fantastic visitors – Don, Linda and Bruce – has gone back home to Zambia. Altough, you will get to know more of them here, through this Winter edition of the SweZam Newsletter.

During the two weeks that we had our Zambian guest, we had a lot of activities and meetings happening. Therefor, most of this Newsletter actually contains articles and material produced by the members of our association, rather than articles from other media.

And as always, don’t forget to pay your membership fees! 100, 150 or 200 SEK depending on who you are. Read more on the back of this Newsletter!

This will be the last time I produce the SweZam Newsletter, since I will stop being a member of the board, but I will continue to be a proud member of SweZam, of course.

All the best!
Ylva Werlinder

Editor of the Newsletter

Download the SweZam Newsletter Winter 2010 (1,5mb pdf) »

Pin or voucher

onsdag, mars 10th, 2010

It is possible to support SweZam and our project in Mindolo by donating a gift to our plusgiro account pg 83 05 95-5. As a sign of our gratitude you can receive either a gift voucher –  a perfect gift – or a small SweZam pin to wear on your lapel.

There are three different values on the Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher

Donate a gift and recieve a gift voucher. The gift voucher can be for you, or someone else. Perfect as a present when you know that the person already has everything. Choose between the amounts 100 SEK, 300 SEK and 1,000 SEK.


SweZam pin

Buy a small SweZam pin to wear on your lapel to show your support. You pay 50 SEK for the pin and the surplus of about 35 SEK goes directly to SweZam.

Important information on how to pay

1) You pay the amount to our plusgiro 83 05 95-5, please mark you payment with what you are paying for, e.g. ”300 SEK voucher” or ”4 pins”. Also make sure your address is showing on the payment.
2) If you want your voucher or your pin to be sent to someone else but you, as a gift, please email this information to: Lisa Persson, the SweZam treasurer,
3) In a week you will have your vouchers or your pins delivered.

Thank You!

SweZams årsmöte 2010 äger rum den 20 mars

onsdag, mars 10th, 2010

Kära Swezam medlem,
Här kommer inbjudan till Svensk-Zambiska föreningens årsmöte 2010 som äger rum den 20 mars.

Se bifogad inbjudan med dagordning. Hoppas att du har tid och lust att komma. Förutom själva årsmötesförhandlingarna så är det ett gemensamt arrangemang med fyra andra södra Afrika vänskapsföreningar. Ett utmärkt tillfälle att träffa andra människor med samma intresse för Afrika som du. Det brukar bli mycket trevligt.

Hjärtligt välkommen!

Med vänlig hälsning
Rolf Svanström
Svensk Zambiska föreningen

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A comment from Zambia

onsdag, mars 10th, 2010
Don in the left of the picture, when visiting Sweden in October.

Don in the left of the picture, when visiting Sweden in October.

With our new website of SweZam, we all have the opportunity to post a comment, and so have Don Mwindilila done.

He wrote:

”Hi, it is good you are updating the website.
But I would suggest that should time allow, please find a way of putting a lot more things. For example, the youth leaders can be asked to write articles on how they are working with the school clubs and then be posted to the website. In other words, I would suggest that if it is possible, open a part for youths where the youths may be able to post their views, expectations, comments and way fowards.

Thank you and take care.”

Wouldn’t this be amazing! If there is anyone out there, any of our SweZam members, who would like to help out with the website by writing articles, taking photos or anything alike, please send an email to:

Texts: If you are writing a text, just send in a plain Word document.

Pictures: If you are attaching a photo or two, just attach them as plain .jpg images to your email. Don’t insert them to your document.

Thank You!

A Reminder to pay

tisdag, mars 9th, 2010
Fest med SweZam

We have so much fun in SweZam - don't forget the membership fee

It is due time to pay the member fee for 2010, 200 SEK for a family, 150 SEK for an individual and 100 SEK for a student to our Plusgiro account 83 05 95-5

Just have a look in the Photo album, and you will find at least one good reason to pay as quickly as possible!

Nova Youth Center – a place full of youths and gender awareness

tisdag, mars 9th, 2010

One of the main focuses during those two weeks, that our Zambian guests are visiting Sweden, is to meet up with other organisations working in the same field, or with the same target group. So one Thursday evening we went to learn more about Nova Youth Center – a youth center on Lidingö, welcoming everyone, but focusing on girls and activities chosen by girls.

All of us visiting Nova Youth Center

All of us visiting Nova Youth Center

– From the beginning I found it weird to hear that they arrange a girl’s evening, once a week, where they only let girls in. But I understand now that it’s a way to reach girls that won’t come at all. Also from Zambia I have the experience that it’s more often the boys that comes to the Youth Centers, says Bruce Mubanga, the SweZam youth organiser, who is visiting Nova for the first time.

The pink sports hall

We are on a guided tour in the pink sports hall at the Youth Center.

Through a guided tour at the center we got to know that the sports hall newly has been painted pink, to create a more feminized space. We found that the male youth leaders as often as they can, tries to involve the boys when baking cakes, and that the female youth leaders takes the girls along when they are about to arrange the sound system for the disco.

– These small things are not a goal in itself, it’s merely a way to reach a more gender equal environment for the youths, and create a wider range of choices for both sexes, says Frida Larsson, youth leader at Nova, with a special training in gender.

Linda talking to a girl

Linda is talking to a girl, sharing experiences between Sweden and Zambia!

This evening at Nova, there are about fifteen youths visiting, and they are a little bit shy at first, but when the Zambian guests are offered some Swedish “sill” to eat, the youths sneak closer to have a look.  After a short while, a girl is laughing with Linda, some youths are playing pool with Bruce, and Don finds himself trying to learn Swedish through some of the norm critical cartoons put up on the wall. All of them with small hand written questions added by Frida to the youths, trying to make them think a little bit further and see the world in a new way.

– Through a gender equality project at my work place, in 2004, I slowly started to see the world differently and so the strategy here at Nova was created, says Petri Peltonen, head of Nova Youth Center. Statistics show that 70 % of the resources at Youth Centres normally go to activities targeting boys, and here we want to balance that up a little bit!

Bruce and some boys

Bruce is enjoying talking to some young people at the Youth Center

Bruce suddently comes out of the sports hall, totally sweaty, after playing basketball with the youths:
– This place is amazing! What if we had those resources in Zambia! Imagine what could happen! The youths wouldn’t have to go around without anywhere to go, using drugs, practising unsafe sex because of boredom or drinking alcohol!

Text: Ylva Werlinder, SweZam board

We visited Save the Children Youth Sweden

måndag, mars 8th, 2010

A few times per year Save the Children Youth Sweden (StCY) arranges activities for its youth leaders all around  Sweden, and coincidentally their multi-weekend was arranged in Älvsjö, south of Stockholm, during October 9-11.

Karin Johansson, SweZam and Sanne Hultgren Save the Children Youth

Karin Johansson, SweZam and Sanne Hultgren, Save the Children Youth

Friday 9th of October
The multi-weekend is a working weekend, where different groups in the association meet to work and educate themselves. In addition, the reason is to meet with other engaged young people, to be inspired and have fun together.

We were invited to join the first evening of the gathering. We: Bruce, Linda, Don, Ylva, Karin and Rolf. The scout cabin in Långsjö Park was quite cold and empty, so we were served cups of tea to get some warmth in us, while Sanne Hultgren (vice chairperson of StCY) told us the background of StCY and the intentions of multi-weekends, furthermore we also chatted about other things.

Linda and Karin on the multi-weekend

Linda and Karin are discussing on the multi-weekend.

The objective of StCY is to achieve a sustainable change in the conditions that hinder the child from getting his or her rights respected and protected.
They work to:
• make children and youth aware of their rights
• make children and youth strengthened as individuals
• influence and improve the conditions of children and youth
An interesting comment from the Zambian team, I think, was something similar to ”But why do you even focus on Swedish children? You have all this free education, teachers are not allowed to punish you, and so on.” That led to an interesting discussion, as Swedish children might have a relatively good economic and materialistic standard, while the mental health of Swedish children is in a somewhat poor state.

Save the Children youth weekend

Bruce and Don are surprised, in a bad respectively a good way, by the vegetarian food served at the weekend. (Don is a vegetarian!)

As a principle, for the future of our world, all the meetings arranged by StCY central try to serve nice vegan food. That is quite a statement and was very much appreciated by us!

Eventually more youth arrived, and the team was able to talk to among others, the international committee (?) who are interested in starting a project together with an organisation abroad. We will see if that can lead to something.

At 20:30 Rolf drove the Zambian team to Uppsala, for a week-end in Gothenburg, and Ylva and myself tried catching a bus – which actually was cancelled without any notification. It is possible even in Sweden…

Text: Karin Johansson, SweZam board