Afterwork with Zambian guests

Afterwork with Bruce, Linda and Don.

During the Autumn of 2009, SweZam continued to hold its Afterwork at the Ethiopian Restaurant off Rådmansgatan and the season opened on the 7th of October, with a talk from the SweZam Mindolo Youth Club delegation that was visiting Sweden on a cultural exchange programme. The three gave a talk on how the project was progressing and the impacts it has had so far. As the three spoke, the room was in total silence as everyone was absolved. When time for questions came, the participation was lively in asking serious questions such as what is the order of attention on the three thematic topics?  Can the impacts be measured in the community and what interventions are being down about capital punishment? On a lighter note a question on the marital status of the youth leader was also asked sending the whole gathering into laughter. The Zambians enjoyed the afterwork with a taste of the Ethiopian jera.

(In the picture is Bruce – youth coordinator from Zambia – elaborating a point)

Text: Joyce Phiri de Maré, SweZam board

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