Overwhelming Independence Day

The ambassador embrasing two birthday children on the Independence of Zambia.

The ambassador embracing two birthday children on the Independence of Zambia.

True to tradition, Zambians and friends of Zambia joined once again on the 24th of October to celebrate Zambia’s 45 years of indepence from colonial rule.

As one entered the Zambia House in Djursholm, the site of seeing the many women and men so glamorously dressed in different patterns of the traditional chitenge dresses and shirts, was just overwhelming.

As the independence celebration was happening just at the end of the European Development Days (EDD), and many Zambians who had been at this conference were amidst including the Auditor General to name a few.

When time for speeches came, SweZam through its Chairman Rolf Svanström commended Zambia for having identified the Health scandal and bringing out the culprits to book, however what he challenged Zambia was the lack of timeframes for these development issue.

The vice-chairperson of Pamodzi association reminded all the local Zambians present on who they were as Zambians living in Sweden in the diaspora.

The third and final speech was from the Ambassador, Joyce Musenge, whose speech was mainly based on reflections from the European Development Days. She critically looked at issues of how the West and developing countries should standardize terminologies when reporting. She gave an example of the misunderstanding in the categorisations of Corruption and theft in the events of the Health scandal.

After the speeches a toast was made in honour of the political leadership and thereafter everyone were invited to the buffer table where hot Zambian delicacies comprising nshima, stews and vegetables of rape and chiwawa were served. SweZam had for sale some brouchers whose profits went to its Youth club in Kitwe.

Text: Joyce Phiri de Maré, SweZam board

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