SweZam project on Zambian national television (ZNBC)

Bruce appears on ZNBC

Bruce appears on ZNBC

On the 15th of August, 2009 The SweZam Youth Organizer was invited as a guest speaker to be interviewed and to appear on a live youth programme called; “Youth Zone (Y Zone)” .

TV programme with a big audience

Youth Zone programme is a youth targeted programme this is aired live on National television every Saturday at 12:00hrs. The program has over three million youth viewers across Zambia. Young people including children from the ages of 10 to 30 years tune in to the programme. Parents and Guardians most of them tend to watch the programme.

The programme has a studio audience of about 40 youths. From either high schools or youth organizations.

This Programme handles youth related issues in a holistic approach, this being through;

• Music
• Dances
• Field interviews
• Studio interviews
• Drama and Poems

The Youth Organizer talked on the subject of Alcohol

The Youth Organizer was called by the producers of the programme to go and appear as a guest and be interviewed regarding this topic; “alcohol a major contributor to high increase of Sexual immorality amongst the young people.”

It was a 10 minutes interview and the youth organizer was given an outline of how the interview would be conduced.

The outline was in the following manner:

• Personal introductions and organization/ Project being represented
• Where it’s located
• Activities and target group
• Youth and Alcohol

The SweZam Youth organizer explained the SweZam project

He talked about how the SweZam Project was initiated by the Swedes who once lived and worked in Zambia and when they went back to Sweden wanted to still have a connection with Zambia and support Zambia in various forms. He explained where the project is located and that it has a Youth Rights Information Centre at Mindolo Ecumenical foundation.

He explained the areas of interest for the project and these being Human Rights, Gender and HIV/AIDS. On the target group he explained that the primary target group are the in school youths from high schools with Kitwe.

The TV program where SweZam appeared has over 3 million viewers.

The TV program where SweZam appeared has over 3 million viewers.

Living a responsible life

The interviewer then asked The Youth organizer to share more light on how the project is involved in Educating youths to lead responsible lives and avoid venturing negative vices such as alcohol.

The Youth organizer explained that the SweZam Youth Project believes in empowering youths to express themselves and make informed decisions and this it does through; Training Youth club members as peer educators who later on can conduct outreaches targeting their fellow youths. This he explained that youths don’t want to be bossed around and lectured.

They want a scenario where they talk openly over issues affecting their well being so the SweZam project does that and further holds Dialogue meetings bringing parents and guardians on board to discuss the youth related matters.

The SweZam youth project is about empowering youths!

The SweZam youth project is about empowering youths!

The Youth Organizer challenged the youth to take life serious

In conclusion, the youth Organizer challenged the youth to take life serious and education as priority for in school youth alcohol and education are not the best combination as the outcome might lead to irresponsible decisions of having unprotected sex. He encouraged young people to visit the YRIC and see what it does practically.

Text: Bruce Mubanga
Extract from the Quarterly report no 3:  July-Sept 2009.

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