Small report from the period July – September 2009

School Clubs progression around Kitwe

The school clubs around Kitwe are steadily getting established and the commitment of both the members and the leadership is encouraging. The seniors are doing the supervisory role and their commitment is exceptional like always.  With the school clubs leaders being trained  in the two workshops its become easier to coordinate these school clubs  

The youth clubs are working hard

Weekly meetings with the clubs at Mindolo

The weekly meetings have been impressive and the youths are taking keen interest in planning. Although the meetings have been postponed until November when Youth club three finishes writing their final exams.   

Discussing at a Youth Club meeting

Challenges in the SweZam project

Challenges in the project are always the delays of trasnferring of funds from Sweden, which delays the implementation of activities.

Peer pressure, HIV/Aids and human rights - there is a lot to talk about.

Text: Bruce Mubanga
Extract from the Quarterly report no 3:  July-Sept 2009.

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