Quarter One Report from Mindolo 2009

First quarter report of 2009 from our youth project in Mindolo, has arrived. The report covers the activities which the SWEZAM project undertook from January to March 2009. Please support the SweZam project in Mindolo by donating something to pg 830595-5. And don’t forget to mark it as a ”gift”. Thank you!

Extract from the report:

– The parent-child dialogue workshop brought together parents of SWEZAM youth members and the swezam youths themselves. The Official opening of the workshop was done by the Director Rev.  Rueben Daka accompanied by Mr. Michael Mwanachongo the head of Conference, Research and Projects.

– The Trainee who joined the SWEZAM project is Asa Knutsson from Varnamo Folkhogskola College based in Varnamo town in Sweden. She too had been working hand in hand in strengthening the SWEZAM youth clubs in the schools, and was instrumental in the running of the day to day SWEZM project activities. She was key in the planning of the National Youth Day celebrations together with the youth members. She and the Youth organizer worked on the speech for youth to read on behalf of the National Youth Day organizing committee.

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