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The global recession has arrived in Zambia’s Copper Belt

lördag, februari 28th, 2009

The Zambian copper mining industry, the mainstay of the economy, has been hard-hit by the global slowdown. And the town of Luanshya has been hardest hit with the complete shutdown of the huge copper mine that dominates the landscape.

Over 3000 miners, directly employed and on contracts, lost their jobs at the end of January after the owners announced that the mine was no longer economically viable.

The shutdown has had a devastating effect on the 60,000 residents of the town, who nearly all depend on the mine for their livelihood.

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Jenny vann Zambiaresa i EU-kommissionens tävling

torsdag, februari 12th, 2009

Jenny Flink från Rosendalsskolan i Uppsala har vunnit en resa till Zambia i konkurrens med 108 tävlande. Hon vann första pris i EU-kommissionens postertävling, Development Youth Prize. Temat för tävlingen var sustainable development och Jenny valde temat ”sustainable tourism”.

Postern som Jenny Flink vann första pris med

Postern som Jenny Flink vann första pris med! (klicka för större bild)

Reglerna för tävlingen, hämtade från prisets hemsida:

The Development Youth Prize is open to schools in the 27 member states of the European Union. All contributions must include two parts:
• a short message
• an artwork in the form of a poster or a multimedia presentation.

The focus for the 2007 competition is Africa – Sustainable Development. There are three themes for entries: Climate Change, Water and Energy and Sustainable Tourism. Pupils can choose one or combine them.

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SweZam Annual General Meeting 2009

onsdag, februari 11th, 2009

The SweZam Annual General Meeting is being held on Saturday the 14th of March 2008 at 15 hrs. Welcome to the Etnografiska museet, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Stockholm (buss 69). The AGM is arranged together with the friendship societies for Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

At 15h00 in the Audience Hall/Hörsalen

– Jenny Söderqvist and Helen Åberg, two Swedish journalists, will talk about their weekend dream safari in the Kalahari Game Reserve which turned into a nightmare experience, when their car exploded and they found themselves alone, with no contact with the outside world, water or protection against animals…

At 16h00

– each friendship society convenes separately for AGMs.

At 17h00

– we will relax with a free welcome drink & mingle.

At 18h00

– a light African buffet dinner will be served, made by members of the participating societies.

At 19h30

– a Very Special Film Event – for paid up members of our societies!
The Botswana Sweden Friendship Association has obtained the exclusive right to show the feature film “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” at this occasion! The film will be introduced by Mats Ögren, producer of the TV documentary “Botswana In The Footsteps of Mma Ramotswe”.

Total price for the whole event, talk, food and film, is SEK 175:- per person; drinks with the buffet are not included, but available at attractive prices.

Participation in the AGM is free of charge, of course! Welcome!

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Monthly letter from MEF – January 2009

söndag, februari 1st, 2009

Latest news from Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, MEF, January 2009.

Headlines from the letter:

– Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation has introduced new Zambian based programmes.

– Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation staff have been urged to take a lead in the prevention of HIV/ AIDS.

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University of Zambia ska börja ta ut avgifter

söndag, februari 1st, 2009

University of Zambia ska börja ta ut vad man kallar “economic fees”. Landets regering har godkänt universitets begäran trots att man eftersträvar avgifter som studenterna klarar av. Motivet till godkännandet är att man inte kan ge lärosätet nödvändiga anslag. Bland annat behövs investeringar i infrastruktur. Nu ska man tillsammans med privata företag satsa på bostäder för studenter och personal m.m.

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