Quarter Three Report from Mindolo 2008

The third quarter report 2008

The report covers the activities which the SWEZAM undertook from July to September.

Extract from the report:
”SWEZAM Project had a series of interviews which brought together various pupils with a mission to establish and put in place a new youth club comprising of 14 pupils. Apart from the three schools (Helen Kaunda, Ndeke High and Mindolo High) that
already have been allowing their pupils to become members of the clubs four more schools (Chibote Girls, Mukuba High, Chamboli High, and Wusakile High) had been targeted for the project.

The main objective was, expansion of the target group in the schools and also to widen the scope of SWEZAM operational mandate of questions regarding; Human Rights, Gender and HIV/AIDS.

(…) The official welcoming day of the new youth club was held on the 6th of August, which was a memorable day since the activity was attended by Rolf Svanström (SWEZAM board Chairperson).”

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