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The SweZam Newsletter September 2008

söndag, september 21st, 2008

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter!

Dear members,
With a summer full of Zambian adventures…

… I definately realize that it is much easier to handle the cold autumn here in Sweden. I had the great honour of visiting Zambia and the SweZam youth project together with some friends this summer. It was amazing to meet the young people and hear them talk about their experiences within the project. How they had changed perspective and also their parents!

We have a great youth organizer

Our youth organizer Bruce, turned out to be a real rock in the project, and to see the whole place for real – Mindolo – was amazing! I share some photos from my visit in this Newsletter.

Small money in Sweden is big money in Zambia 

One thing the trip really made me realize is how small amounts of money here in Sweden, can create a huge difference in someone elses life, in Zambia. Right now we are lacking about 12000 SEK in the fund raising for Mindolo, this is to reach our goal this year. If you would like to contribute to the SweZam youth project in Mindolo, you use pg 830595-5. Just write “Mindolo”!

Have you forgotten to pay your membership fee?

Now is almost the last chance for 2008 – if you want to continue in the SweZam family! Just pay to our account (you should almost know it by heart by now), pg 830595-5. 100 SEK as a student, 150 SEK as an individual and 200 SEK as a family. We are dependent on our SweZam members and we hope to have you with us for a long time to come, so pay now, if you haven’t already!

The printed Newsletter will hopefully be history soon

 The printed Newsletter is something we will try to reduce in the future, so if you feel you don’t need it on paper (since it’s already published on the webpage as a pdf) you are from now on welcome to email us, and instead we can donate 30 SEK of your membership fee to the Mindolo project! How great!

Many things are happening in SweZam and in Zambia

As you can read in this Newsletter, there are a lot of things happening within SweZam and in Zambia – both good and bad things. The SweZam afterwork sessions in Stockholm continues and the youth project in Mindolo recruits more new members, but sadly enough the Zambian president died in August, which is causing a by-election in Zambia in October.

 All of this is interesting to follow and to read more about. And you can start here in the Newsletter and continue on

 Have a good autumn!

Ylva Werlinder, Editor of the SweZam Newsletter

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