Quarter Two Report from Mindolo 2008

Second quarter report

The second quarter report covers the period between April to June and two weeks in July.

Exctract from the report:
”The School Outreach is still on going with five schools already visited by the SWEZAM. Youth club senior member accompanied by the Youth Organizer. Only two schools are remaining. Estimated 1250 grade 10 pupils have been addressed so far by the SWEZAM Team. As every school has about 7 to 8 classes and each class has a total number pupils, ranging from 45 to 55.

On Wednesday the 9th of July, 2008   The YRIC Project received visitors from Sweden who were in transit to Tanzania. The visitors were accommodated for two nights and were hosted by the SWEZAM youth Organizer and SWEZAM Youth Club Senior members.

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