Arkiv för juni, 2007

The SweZam Newsletter June 2007

tisdag, juni 19th, 2007

Dear Members,

Now is the time of year when you just want to run around in shorts and laugh because Sweden is beautiful! The lilacs outside my office window is in full bloom and I want to go out and take a branch to smell! I hope you all have had the opportunity to do the same when this Newsletter reaches you!

New design and structure of the Newsletter

Welcome to a kind of new Newsletter where we have done a little reshape of the structure, and we hope to continue this development together with all you members, both when it comes to shape and content! What would you like to read about and what would you like to write about in here? We want to use this as a communication tool with you!

Ylva is the new editor of the Newsletter

My name is Ylva Werlinder and I am one of the new people in the SweZam board, together with three other people that you can read a little about on the next page. In this issue of the Newsletter we focus a lot on the Annual General Meeting, AGM, but until the next Newsletter is out, in December, I hope to have received a lot of interesting comments from you on this issue!

Pay your membership fees

PS. And the Chairman told me to remind you to pay your membership fees… – go to last page to find out how!

All the best until next time,
Ylva Werlinder, Editor of the Newsletter

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