The SweZam Newsletter May 2006

A new issue of the SweZam Newsletter is out!

Dear Members,

Served warm Coca Cola by the Chief

Chief Mpezeni is the paramount chief of the Ngoni tribe of Eastern Province. This years Nc´wala ceremony was held at the end of February. I had myself once the pleasure to meet the chief in his palace and was served the usual warm coca cola. He had applied for a large credit for seed and fertilizers and since he was a member of a ooperative society outside Chipata he had the right to do so. Only problem was that his land area was far above the limit.

Mrs Joyce Musenge has returned

Anyhow, after amicable talks, things were sorted out and he became  supportive of the Cooperative Credit Scheme. In the November issue of Newsletter I regretted the departure of Mrs Joyce Musenge at the Embassy – her quick return to Sweden, now  as Ambassador, has therefore come as a pleasant surprise!

A new chair person has arrived

Welcome also to Rolf Svanström who is the new chairman of the Association and to Lisa Persson, Karl-Johan Sonnegård and Joyce Phiri as well. Last but not least, thanks to Tell-Åke Dahllöf for ten years of devoted service! We plan to publish our new website in the middle of June with the same address as the old one. Welcome to have a look and submit your comments to my email address.
Have a nice summer!

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