Arkiv för mars, 2006

Final Report 2005

onsdag, mars 22nd, 2006

Final Report for year 2005 for Youths’ Rights Information Project at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, Mindolo, Zambia

The whole project aims at improving the environment for transfer of knowledge about Human Rights, Gender and HIV/Aids. Although the project took off later than planned, a very dedicated effort on the part of the staff at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF) resulted in the execution of most of the planned activities, directed towards the target groups in the Kitwe community, especially schools and high school students. In carrying out these activities the staff at MEF made organisational improvements in the implementation as such, but also as an
executive group. The MEF student body was not involved as much as was planned.
The attached cost specification shows how much was spent on the various activities and the Summary Monitoring Form gives an idea about the
content/results of the ambitious activity programme.

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